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Virtual Memory

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What is Virtual Memory?

By definition, virtual memory is a technique by which extra working memory from the hard disk is provided to a computer with insufficient RAM. It may be a case of extensive usage of computer memory by software that is installed on your system or due to high minimum RAM requirements of your operating system. Computer programs use RAM or random access memory for usual memory needs and store files on the hard disk. RAM is used by computer programs because it is faster than the hard disk and it can be used for rapid storage and retrieval of information. The information stored in RAM is only needed by the program for a short period of time and it is not only capable of storing the information temporarily but is capable of faster data transfer.

Systems with virtual memory capability use RAM much more efficiently than computer systems without it, by redefining the address space with contiguous virtual memory addresses and trick computer programs into thinking that they are using normal physical memory (RAM). Operating systems with virtual memory technology use some of the Pre-allocated hard disk space and make it seem like RAM to a computer application. The operating system uses algorithms to figure out which addresses are used less frequently and keeps them in the virtual memory, thereby providing for insufficient RAM and reducing the chances of frequent access to these memory addresses.

Without virtual memory, once the available RAM in your computer is full it would not be able to start any more applications. You would have to close another application to load a new one. With virtual memory the computer can look for sections in the RAM that haven't been used recently and copy them on the hard disk to free up space in the RAM to load a new application. Even with a small number of megabytes of RAM it feels like the computer has more than it needs since the copying occurs automatically without the user realizing it. It is a lot cheaper to use virtual memory instead buying expensive RAM memory and take advantage of the less expensive hard drive space to store RAM images. Page file is what the part of the hard drive is called where RAM images kept and the operating system moves information back and forth between the page file and the RAM.

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