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The Need for a Better Windows Startup Manager
Call it the marketing strategy of Microsoft or the lack of affordable yet user friendly operating systems, users all around the world have been using Microsoft windows products for decades. Although windows operating system is known to have a lot more to offer its users with, it also has its own share of troubles. Continuous system freezes, reoccurring system restarts and lethal virus attacks have been known to be a part and parcel of windows operating system. While your computer may be suffering from virus, malware or spyware attack, it would not be wrong to state that a major reason behind the slow operating speed of your computer can be a huge list of software programs that are more than eager to start with your computer. Although windows operating system has continuously been a target of slow startup problem, it would not be correct to state that the developer community is not doing anything to stop this problem. Appearance of a huge number of windows Startup Managers for efficient management of the programs that start with system startup has really helped users to improve their system performance.

Startup Programs - The Problem
A horde of applications that are available for Microsoft windows can be downloaded for free. These applications not only create a clutter in the system startup, they also create a slow computing experience. Advent of internet and free software is not only responsible for creating malware infections in thousands of personal computers around the world, they also create PC hang-ups which can sometime also lead to hardware faults. How many of you have encountered instances where you were required to wait for what seemed to be an eternity for your computer to boot. A major portion of this problem is because of the fact that a number of programs are trying to start with the system startup which causes a computer to divide its computing and thus suffer from slow startup. Fortunately, there are numerous software's available in the market that would do the task of cleaning your program startup list and this decrease your boot time.
Not only slow system startup, programs that execute on startup are also responsible for rendering slow shutdown as windows Startup Manager tries to close every application safely before it can shutdown. As every Windows program needs to be closed before the system can shutdown, a higher number of programs running on your system would obviously mean that your system will take a long time in shutdown process.
Applications need resources to execute. Every application that is executed in your system uses some of its resources and this slows down your computing experience. If there are a large number of applications that are running on your system from system startup itself, you can use our Startup Manager to perform startup management tasks that would reduce the number of applications that are using your system resources.

Our BHO Startup List Manager - A Solution
Although the market is filled with various Startup Manager software, Our BHO Start Up List Manager allows you to manage your startup applications with ease. Just with a simple Startup Manager download, a start up manager allows its users to stop or execute applications that execute themselves with the start of an operating system. While windows Startup Manager like ours can be used to stop software from executing, users can still open any software they want just by using the application shortcut.