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Runtime Error
Runtime or Run Time is the operation of a computer program on your pc from the time it starts to the time of its termination. Runtime is also called runtime library a distinct program library for functions in programming language. One of the easiest to understand windows errors are runtime errors because Microsoft assigned numerical codes to these errors. As an example Runtime Error 7 means that the program you are running doesn't have enough memory.
A Runtime Error 53 means a DLL file is not found or missing in the program. Runtime Error 91 is an error message caused by a missing or unregistered dll or ocx file and a corrupted registry key. Runtime Error 424 reflects a Microsoft Access, or other Microsoft office error.

Other Common Runtime Error Messages:
Runtime Error 13
Runtime Error 21
Runtime Error 216
Runtime Error 217
Runtime Error 229
Runtime Error 339
Runtime Error 380
Runtime Error 401
Runtime Error 424
Runtime Error 429
Runtime Error 430
Runtime Error 432
Runtime Error 48
Runtime Error 52
Runtime Error 521
Runtime Error 53
Runtime Error 6
Runtime Error 68
Runtime Error 7
Runtime Error 75
Runtime Error 76
Runtime Error 9
Runtime Error 91
Runtime Error R6025
Vb Script Runtime Errors

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Windows Operating System And The Occurrence Of Runtime Errors
Before a software can be executed on a system, it goes through the process of compilation, to create a file that can be executed on an operating system. After the creation of a compiled file, this file can be executed on any computer that has the same settings that are specified at the time of creation of a software application. Some of the things that are required by a software application for effectively running on a computer is the availability of a sufficient amount of system memory and the presence of all the system dependent files. Like any other error, Runtime Errors are also caused because of a problem faced by the operating system while the execution of an application is taking place.

What Is A Runtime Error
In simple words, runtime error is an error that is raised by an operating system because of the some problem that forces it to stop the normal execution of a program or software application. Almost every time, a runtime error is either followed by a program shutdown or by a system freeze. While the execution of a program is taking place, if the operating system faces a situation where the execution of the program needs to be stopped, the operating system reacts by raising a runtime error and closing the program. In case the cause of the runtime error poses to cause damage to system files, operating system resorts to freezing system resources so as to curtail the damage to the system files.

Causes Of A Runtime Error
A runtime error can be caused by many reasons. Even though there are numerous errors that can cause an operating system to raise a runtime error, low system memory is often the cause of such errors. Apart from memory issues, you should also keep an eye on the indications of system infections like virus, adware, spyware, malware and other such applications with malicious code that can eat your system resources and result in less system memory for your applications. Other problems like hardware faults, and other errors can also lead to Runtime Errors. If your system is suffering from a dll error then it may also cause Runtime Errors in case an application is trying to access dll file intensive features of an operating system. As already stated, causes of Runtime Errors vary far and wide, thus it is very difficult to diagnose and repair such errors for a computer beginner. If you do want to remove Runtime Errors, it is advised that you opt for our error repair software to efficiently repair runtime error and all its underlining causes.

How To Fix Runtime Errors
Fixing Runtime Errors is not a job meant for computer beginners. Even though you can find numerous runtime error fixing tutorials and texts on the internet, you will need to know the exact reason for your Runtime Errors before you can perform manual repair. Performing manual repairs can be dangerous as performing them without proper experience can often lead to unstable or non working computer systems. For reliable and efficient removal of Runtime Error problem, it is recommended to download our software that does an excellent job of automatically repairing Runtime Errors along with other errors.
Our software includes an automatic registry backup facility that will automatically backup windows registry and will allow you to efficiently revert back any changes made by the software in case something goes wrong. Easy to use and extremely reliable, our error fix tool can repair every error and provide you with a faster, better performing system.