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Why use a BHO Manager?
By the use of BHO's you can play flash games, read acrobat reader files as well as use applications like online maps from within your browser and have better and more interactive user experience. BHO's are also great to install toolbars like Google or Yahoo. Browser helper object or BHO is a plug-in that is designed by Microsoft with the purpose of helping some applications gain unrestricted control over internet explorer. However the ability of BHO has often been misused by hackers and web programmers to get hold of your personal information, hijack your home page, spy on your Internet activities and other undesirable actions. BHO's are huge resources for potential spyware! When you have Internet Explorer errors BHO is the first place you should start checking.
Our BHO Manager can safely remove unwanted BHO's that are causing you Internet Explorer errors. You can access our BHO (Browser Helper Object) Manager from the Advanced Tools menu on the left side of the main window.

What are BHOs?
To put its use in simple words, browser help objects are made to add functionality to a browser. This functionality can range from anything between the execution of a flash file to display of a new file format. If you have been using toolbars like Google or Yahoo toolbar in your browser, you can be sure that a BHO is working behind the scenes to provide added functionality that the toolbar provides. As already stated, BHO's are also used by cyber criminals and web marketing firms to collect the browsing data of a user. Malicious BHO's are often responsible for erratic behavior of browser navigation. Not only does a BHO has the ability to add functionality to a browser, if misused, it can also lead to serious identity thefts and loss of personal information.
Many toolbars and dialer software install spyware or malware ridden BHO's to your system, such programs will not only put your browsing privacy and important data into risk, it will also lead to slow computing as your system will be executing more applications without their need. Having an efficient BHO manager can solve such an issue as you will be able to start or stop individual applications at your will. If you are facing troubles while performing management tasks on your add-ons, you can easily use our BHO Manager and perform the operations easily within no time.

Our Solution - An Easy To Use BHO Manager
There are many risks attached with a faulty or malicious BHO. If your internet explorer browser is crashing repeatedly, faulty or malicious BHO's are probably the one's to blame. This power of a BHO can be dangerous if not tapped and this is where the use of a BHO manager comes handy. With the advanced functionality of our BHO manager, users can easily manage their internet explorer patches so that any BHO that is creating trouble can be stopped immediately by the user. By using our BHO Manager, you can remove any BHO from your system safely without doing any advanced software manipulations. Click below for a Free trial download!