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What is ActiveX Error?
ActiveX is a plug-in that is an extension to Microsoft OLE technology and COM technology. This plug-in is typically used in applications and on the internet. ActiveX allows interactive applications over the internet such as an online scan for viruses using a web browser. Basically ActiveX Objects stay on the Windows operating system and shared by other applications that use the same ActiveX object.

Example of ActiveX Control
Flash files cannot be played on Internet Explorer by itself. Therefore IE offers you to download something called a Flash ActiveX Control. That Flash ActiveX Control detects if a website has Flash files. The Flash ActiveX Control then uses the flash player in your system to play it on Internet Explorer.

ActiveX controls can be downloaded as small programs and run on the user computer and not on the server. ActiveX components can also be used by other applications in many cases applications that are malicious which is why you should restrict ActiveX programs from automatically being run.
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ActiveX Controls and Microsoft ActiveX Errors in Windows
While browsing the internet, how many times have you faced errors like "Internet Explorer Script Error" or had to restart your browser after the "Your current security settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page" error? Errors like these and others like "Runtime Error 429: ActiveX Component Can't Create Object" are known as Active X Errors.

Causes of ActiveX Errors
While ActiveX Errors are more than often related to corrupt internet explorer files or faulty registry settings, this may not be the case every time. A simple search for the causes of Active X Errors will return a number of causes from ActiveX corrupt files and missing system files to .dll errors. Ms ActiveX Errors can cause slow computing, unavailability of some extensions and would result in a decreased web browsing experience. Although all ActiveX Errors are not potentially dangerous for the system, they could lead to other errors like registry and system files corruptions that could lead to serious system errors.

Repairing ActiveX Errors
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